Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream act!

As many of us know unfortunately the Dream Act was not passed this past December 2010.  This is such a shame for all the students that were not able to achieve what they wanted.  It makes me sad to think that their dreams were crashed by the government. I was born here in the United States thanks to the risk of my parent’s coming here as illegal immigrants. And I’m thankful for that, because I don’t think I would be as strong as the students fighting for the Dream Act, I think I would just give up.  In high school I had many friends that were at top of the class, bright students, hard workers with one problem they were not U.S citizens.   Many of those students did not attend college after high school; they ended up working in a minimum wage place. I would tell them it didn’t matter they can still got to school, but they said what were they going to do with a college career if when they graduated they weren’t going to find a job because they weren’t going to have a ss#. I feel that the people in the House of Representatives thought that if they passed the Dream Act everyone was going to become a resident. But I think they forgot there were regulations, and they were really good ones. In the future I hope they change their minds and this time passes the Dream Act. It’s not fair that there is so many great geniuses out there that deserve to stay here and can’t. And then there’s so many criminals stuck in jail that were born here who just wasted their privilege of going to school.

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