Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hip hop and its influences

Music is very influential whether its rock, country and classical.  When we listen to music it brings out emotions in us. For example if we listen to a romantic song and we are feeling very sad then we may start crying.  Now when it comes to hip hop people say that if influences people especially males to take a “tough” role.  Most of the songs in rap talk about males having all this money and all these women.  If someone listens to rap or hip hop then it may influence them to be like the singer. If they’re going to be listening to the music might as well be like them.  I’m going to get off topic for a bit and talk a little bit on another genre of music.  Many of you may not be aware at all of this genre of music but I would do the best to explain it.  As many of you know in Mexico the war against drugs is really bad. And something that comes with this is a type of music called “corridos”. “Corridos are a songs meant to tell true stories from the past for example there are some explaining events of the Mexican wars etc.  But for the past 3 years the whole idea of “corridos” has changed. Now the only thing they talk about is the drug lords that kill, some that have died. And the different people that are heroes to the drug world.  And the big issue right now is that, these “corridos” are influencing the youth that listen to them.  Everyone wants to be like the men in the songs all these nice cars, women, parties, and money.  They think it’s cool because the music makes it sound so easy. Which it’s almost like hip hop the lyrics may influence someone especially someone young because everything sounds so cool in the song. 

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