Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Online college, or traditional college?

Technology makes a lot of everyday deeds easier, shopping and selling and now school.    It’s not a bad thing having the opportunity to be at home in your pajamas. But what if your whole college career was online, then I don’t think it would be consider a “real career.” I don’t think technology will replace the traditional college.  The traditional idea of attending college is going away to another place attending big lecture halls, waiting long hours to see your professor for a simple question.  With technology you can’t have this; most likely you will be alone sitting at your computer reading and answering questions.  Even though it will make everything much easier, we can’t just get rid of all the colleges.  I mean we can’t let this happen, college life should be about living the experience and getting a degree, not just attending class and online.  Even though online college will get more popular with the coming years it can never replace the traditional college.

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