Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How can we end racism and classicism?

When it comes to these topics such as racism and classicism, I feel that we are far from seeing the end of it.  Racism and classicism has existed for a very long time, and I have a feeling its going to stick forever. As much as we convince everyone that we are all equal, there are going to be those that rebel and say they are better than another race or group of people.  Even in the same group of people racism and classicism exists.  For example we have three classes High class, middle class, and low class. I bet in the high class there are some that belong to the high class but may have a tiny bit less than others.  And because of that there will we class discrimination against them.  Its sad to believe that we just have to deal wiht this forever, but its the truth. It would be great that we see everyone the same regardles of how we look or how much money is in our pockets.  Lets just hope that everyone can learn to deal with such big thing. 

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