Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why learn Academic English?

For many of us English was not the first language we learned. Because of this many have trouble writing in English, its two different things writing in the "language" English and writing in Academic English. What do i mean by the "language" English? I mean you read the paper in English but the words and sentence structure is composed as another language.  I say this because I had an experience where a former English Teacher told me i would write in Spanish. I was confused at first because I didn't understand what she had meant by that. How can i be writing in Spanish if I'm writing in English. Then i realized what she had meant by that. Yes, indeed I was writing in English but the way I wrote my sentences and the type of words I used were those of the Spanish language. I came to the conclusion that it's very important to learn Academic English. I feel its very important to learn Academic English so you can be successful in life. Whether it's in you career or any other none career based job, its very important to know the right way to write and speak English.  
You wouldn't like to be in a business meeting and speaking like if you were with your friends. Many will argue that Academic English is the same as the English we speak, but in reality it's not. For example you wouldn't use the words gonna, finna, dunno, etc while talking to your boss. Even if you are the best worker with a PhD the person you are speaking with its mostly likely going to see you as inferior for your poor usage of words. These reasons and many others are great reasons for everyone to learn the right way to speak English.

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  1. Norma,

    as we discussed yesterday, feel free to expand upon this idea for your literacy narrative.